Channeling 10/19/09

Good day. We are very pleased to answer your call today. We are a new energy which you have not as yet channeled. We are from the galaxy known as Orion. We are beings who have watched over the Earth and her inhabitants for eons and eons. Many of us have served as personal guides to many Earthlings, assisting them in “new” scientific discoveries. Our interest lies in assisting Mother Earth and her people in using advanced (for your culture) methods in the Earth in all walks of life – methods of accruing energy to run your energy systems that produce no harmful effects either to the Earth or her inhabitants.

We work daily with your scientists and lay people, giving them “hints” and guidance to assist the Earth and her people in areas of life that are in need of much advanced methods. So many of the systems that are now in place are so antiquated, even by your standards, and do more harm than good as they produce energy to run your cars, your homes, your businesses, your world. As the New Age is dawning, these antiquated systems must be upgraded to benefit, rather than harm, all.

We are at the forefront of this effort, guides in what you may think of as the scientific. What is science but the study of the natural laws put into motion to benefit mankind or Mother Earth? Our teams have been at the forefront of all the greatest and most helpful information brought forth to many realms for many purposes. We pride ourselves (as a figure of speech) in being at the forefront of many marvelous “discoveries” in many realms. Of course we must, according to Universal Law, introduce “new” ideas and discoveries only when it is in alignment with the divine blueprint for the Earth or any reality. For minds and systems must be prepared to receive the information; the timing is of utmost importance so as not to “throw a wrench” in the balance of the systems already in place.

Your consciousness there in the Earth is at a divine crossroads. Those who are not in alignment with the new consciousness, that of love and light, will be choosing to depart for other realms as the consciousness of the others grows by leaps and bounds. As you know, it is all a matter of free will choice. There is a divine plan for Mother Earth which includes those who remain and take part in the Great Awakening. They will be receiving advanced knowledge, which is also ancient knowledge, designed to assist in the transition and advancement of the consciousness upon the Earth into one of sustainability.

Nothing that is created is destroyed. It simply changes form. This is one of the principles which will come to the forefront, be understood, and used to the advantage of all on Mother Earth. No longer will there be pollution and destruction of the life force of the energies upon Mother Earth. There are methods using this principle to replace many of the destructive, out-moded methods of creation in use now on your planet.

We, the masterminds of Orion, have dedicated our spirits to bringing in this information to assist in your much needed transition to scientific systems that are of great benefit to the individual, society, and your blessed planet. We are honored to head this commission for All That Is, the energy of love and creation, that provides ways and means to harm nothing and no one. One hundred years from now on planet Earth, your inhabitants will look upon this time as the Dark Ages of science, where most scientific thought was blocked by those who would put profit above invention and the good of all.

This is all about change. There will be the “discovery” of so many methods that improve life upon planet Earth for her inhabitants as well as the planet itself. There is great hope and great joy here as the time has finally arrived for us to move forward in bringing this valuable information into your realm. We have waited patiently and with great joy to finally bring forth these “new” inventions and discoveries. We are so pleased that the time has now finally arrived. The wait is over. The Great Awakening is just around the corner, with new and great gifts for humanity, for your planet, and for all of existence. For as one realm advances, all are affected for the good. For truly, all realities are as one. Just as individuals are a part of the whole, part of Oneness, so it is for different realms.

We are honored to have spoken through you this day, to bring our message that we, as are so many, working with your planet and its people to help bring about this giant leap in your consciousness, a giant leap in peace, in joy, and alignment with the Divine Source, All That Is.

You are being watched over. You are being assisted. You are blessed, as are we all in all realms.

Hey Ho See, We are One.

Hey Ho Sha, We are Love.

And So Be It.