The Elders Speak 9/7/12

Blessings, and good day to you! As these times of change are upon you all there in the Earth, we come to share some words of guidance, of wisdom, of Love. For those who are gathered here today are the Elders, those in these realms who have walked upon the Earth in human form, and these have much empathy and knowledge of the Earth plane to share. We thank you as One Heart for hearing our call and allowing us to speak through you.

As you have been experiencing of late, dear Sister Sulara, as well as many upon the Path of Light, these are intense times. Times meant to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Times to hone, distill that knowledge, that Light which sits within your own hearts and minds. Time to separate what is illusion and old habits that no longer serve so that you may move forward into the Light, the new consciousness which is upon the Earth and which is coming to all who are open to learn, open to Love, and open to being instruments of Love and of Light, which man/womankind was created to be. For truly, we are all sparks of the Creator, created in His image.

This means that we have the gifts and the ability to realize our own gifts of co-creation. And this time is meant to bring forth that Truth into the minds and hearts of all men, women, and children upon the Earth.

What is human life upon the Earth? It is a great gift from Mother-Father God Herself. It is the gift of discovery and creation. It is the gift meant to create expansion of the energy of God through discovery and creation of all manner of joy. What brings you joy? You are here to discover this and discover the truth within yourselves, to claim the joy within yourselves, and to share this discovery and this creation with all of life, your brothers and sisters and all of life upon the planet.

As your awareness and your hearts expand in the claiming of Love, the Love of the Creator expands exponentially. All That Is is All That Is, expanded through the creation of what your knowledge and gifts of Love create in your exploration of your Divine gifts as a co-creator with the Creator.

As God’s Love expands, it also contracts. This is a natural result of creation. Expansion and contraction, as God’s children explore their own abilities and gifts of creation. All is of God. There is no duality, only the heart and Love of God. Duality is a gift to humankind to assist them in their understanding and exploration of the Creator’s gift of co-creation.

There is nothing to fear in all of life. There is only experience which leads to wisdom. So as you journey through life, do so with a brave heart and the knowledge that all has purpose. And the greatest purpose in the gift of life is discovering your own abilities of creation and discovering the Love and Light which is God, of which all are a part, as a part of the heart of God.

What shall these intense times that are upon you bring? Nothing to fear. It is a time when the eons and eons of “time” are collapsing, so to speak, upon each other. A time when the Truth of timelessness and the power of God’s Love within your own hearts are being revealed.

It is a time when experience after experience that has been imprinted upon your soul, your DNA, and all your bodies is being cleansed, is being shown to be human illusion. It is a time when Truth is being separated from illusion and false belief. It is a time when those emotions, beliefs, and experiences that have been imprinted and no longer serve your highest and greatest good are being revealed and washed away… washed by the cleansing of God’s Love and Light so that His children can realize their full potential as His children and co-creators.

It is a time when those who have lost their way are being shown another path, are being given the opportunity to see themselves through eyes of Love when they have previously seen through eyes of fear and illusion and separation. It is a time when all who are willing will be made aware of the Oneness of all of life and their Oneness with Mother-Father God.

Though this process is challenging and difficult for all on some or many levels, it is a time of great accomplishment, a time when the struggles will bear delicious fruit. It is a time of cleansing, of clearing, of clear sight. It is a time when all are offered the opportunity to claim all their gifts as children of, and co-creators with, God. It is a time when time will be revealed as the present moment, when the results of actions in the present moment will be manifested instantaneously. As all past karma, actions, and imprints are cleansed from the human psyche, DNA, and bodies, life on a totally different level of existence will be created through the laws of Love and Creation.

So have no fear through the tumult of the Earth changes, through the tumult of the changes within your own lives; but go forward in faith and trust in the Creator and your own inherent gifts and abilities to see with Love, act in and out of Love, to Be Love as you claim the Truth of who you are – a part of the Oneness of All That Is.

As you are Love, you are loved; as you are Light, you are brought into the light of Truth rather than illusion. As you tap into the peace of God within your heart, that peace is reflected without, in the Earth and all realms.

For you are all these things – the Truth, Light, Love, Peace, and the Joy of the Creator. Know this Truth. Claim this Truth. Be this Truth.