Times of Great Change 5/21/12

It’s been a while since you have called upon us, your family of Light, to come forward to assist you humans in physical form on your path of Light and Love. You have been experiencing great changes and shifts in your energy, your DNA, and your way of viewing the world. As you have moved “forward” so to speak, or shall we say, beyond your previous perceptions, a whole new grouping is available now to speak through you to be of assistance during these times of great change upon Mother Earth.

As we speak, there are plates shifting beneath your feet, under the surface of Mother Earth, as she prepares to rebalance her energies, the pressure within her body, to realign the new energies that are manifesting upon Mother Earth, in the hearts, minds, and souls of those upon her.

For truly, this is a time of the completion of an old paradigm, an outdated way of being, and movement into a new reality, one in which Love, not fear, Joy, not sadness and despair, and Truth, not deception, are moving into alignment with the hearts and minds of those who are open to receiving such gifts that are being offered at this time by the powers that be. By that, we mean the bringers and workers of Light who are dedicated to assisting Mother Earth and all of her children who are open to the new order – order out of chaos, Love out of fear, Joy out of sadness, Truth out of deception and illusion.

So many are aware of these shifts these days, so different from when you first began offering yourself as a channel for these messages. Those times that have been foretold have arrived and are upon us. So you have offered to continue through your gifts to carry the words from these realms to those eyes that wish to see, those hearts that wish to open to truth and light and the wisdom of the Creator that is and always has been offered, but that is now accepted by so many greater numbers.

Today we shall speak of illusion. The illusion is that you are separate. The illusion is that you are alone. The illusion is that all is not right with the world. For Mother Earth is a great classroom of Light, one in which the students must become part of and take part in the illusion in order to remove the veils of all manner of illusion through experience. For wisdom is only gained through experience. One may be told a truth over and over again but never realize that truth within their heart of hearts until that truth is gained through personal experience.

For instance, take the example of the belief that one is alone. Those who feel themselves to be alone, without help, will choose those experiences which will bring that illusion into the light to be released. They may choose to have an experience in which a guide or an angel appears to them through one of the senses at a time of great need, making denial of “heavenly” help impossible. Or one may experience a tragedy which brings the community to their aid, making the feeling of being separate and alone no longer viable.

All is right with the world. As the last vestiges of duality disappear, the illusion of duality will become apparent. Up until this time upon the Earth, duality was a necessary part of one’s experience in order to see the truth that all is of God. As the old order in which duality is a learning tool comes to a close with the realization that all is of God, that duality will no longer be needed as a learning tool.

As humans discover and claim their Oneness, right and wrong, black and white, goodness and evil will cease to exist. Judgment will cease to exist. All will be seen in the truth of its existence as a part of All That Is.

The illusion is that anything exists outside of God. The heart of God encompasses every thought, every action, every energy – All That Is. It is the human mind that has labeled everything separately in order to come full circle into the truth that nothings exists outside of God and Unconditional Love.

So how is the shift from duality to the truth of Oneness to take place? Through open hearts. As ones sees through eyes of Love, the boundaries, the separation, the duality disappear. One sees through eyes of Love that there is no separation, no right and wrong, no dark and light. All is simply an aspect of the whole, the Creator. It is humans themselves who have created the separation, the judgment, the illusion of a world in which all is not as it should be.

John down the street had an accident so that he could experience a place of quiet and contemplation that he otherwise would never have taken the time for. Joe on the other side of the world experienced the terror of an earthquake so that he could experience the love of community and his fellow man as he puts his life back together after the “tragedy”. Mary experiences an illness so that she may discover the power of her spirit – her ability to prevail through challenge and hardship.

The veils of illusion serve their purpose in the education of the human spirit in its sojourn on Mother Earth, its experience while in the physical. So the illusions are a gift. Illusions are meant to be experienced as “truth” that is brought into the light that exposes that “truth” that is seen through different eyes as experience leads one into greater wisdom.

Illusion is a tool through which one gains great growth as that illusion is seen through eyes of Love. So what is illusion but one’s truth at a certain moment in “time”? The illusion of time itself is an important tool for one to experience certain lessons in a way that can be focused upon in a simple manner, without the complication of multiple experience and dimensions.

Illusion is a valuable part of the dualistic learning. And so, as duality comes to a close in your reality, honor it as the gift that is has been, as the valuable learning tool that has blessed all of humanity, as a part of the journey into enlightenment. For as the Light and Love of God fill those hearts that are open to truth, duality and its role as teacher will fall away, no longer needed on the path of Light, the way home to the heart of God.

Judge not any tool that has been used during the journey, but thank it, bless it, and release it as your heart is opened to the truth that all is of God and a blessing to be honored and then released when that tool is no longer needed.

We, the Wayshowers of Light and Love for those on your planet who are open to the new order, the new reality, are honored to have been called upon.

We wish you Joy, we wish you Love, we wish you an easy transition into the new reality of Truth and Light in which all is seen as a part of God, of All That Is.

Joy is the key, Love is the key to open to this truth and to a new reality in which duality is no longer needed as the teaching tool that it has been as a part of the journey into the heart of God.