The Choice is Yours 2/3/10

It is a time of great intensity. The forces of darkness are on the march, making a “last ditch” effort to recruit as many as are willing to buy into the illusion of the Earth and those realms that are not of the light. For as the forces of light and the waves of unconditional love are brought into the Earth in preparation for the Great Awakening, the forces of darkness are fighting for their survival.

It is a time of great polarity, of choices to be made. The gray areas are getting more polarized to either the forces of light and unconditional love, or to the shadow side.

This is a part of the natural process of spiritual evolution. More and more souls are being given the unmistakable opportunity to choose which path to follow – the path home to the heart of the Creator or the path of illusion.

Now, there is no wrong choice. Make no mistake. In truth, all paths lead home to the heart of God. Everything is a path of exploration, a path of co-creativity with God. And there is no judgment from these angelic realms or from the heart of God. It is simply that at this unique, magnificent time in the history of the Earth, as in no other time, the grace of God is descending into each and every heart, affording the opportunity of a non-stop, direct line home to God. It is an opportunity unequaled in any other time or realm.

So many souls have clamored to be present in the Earth at this time to take advantage of this gift, this special dispensation from God. As is this channel experiencing, the vibration in the Earth is being stepped up at the same time that the vibration of the physical body is being stepped up to allow for a transition of ease for those who choose to dwell in the light and unconditional love of the Creator while still in body in the physical Earth plane.

As in the time of Amelius, who was an incarnation of the Christ Spirit, the Earth plane will be inhabited by those in physical body who are not limited by the physical body, but those who are in alignment with their own Christ Spirits, working within the Earth plane but not limited by it. It will truly be a paradise on Earth, a heavenly existence of love, joy, cooperation, and peace known in those times when Amelius lived upon the Earth. It is all part of the Great Awakening, a part of those times which have been foretold, when there will be 1000 years of peace upon the Earth.

To achieve this utopia, much needs to be shifted, in the planet herself as well as in those who will inhabit her in this grand time. The transition will be intense for many, as it has been for this channel, while others will more easily adapt to the rapid vibratory level changes in the Earth as well as in their bodies.

As we have said, for those who choose not to take part in the Great Awakening, there will be no judgment, no punishment. The concept of punishment is an illusion resulting from a misunderstanding based on a belief in victimhood, which is an illusion as well. There is simply choice, and there are no “wrong” choices. Those who choose to stay behind as a part of the old order will not be punished, will not suffer. They will simply move on to their chosen explorations. This opportunity is never denied to anyone, and is always offered in the spirit of love and oneness, in alignment with Universal Law. Perhaps there are those who have experienced existence in that time of Amelius and are here now to explore another choice. So do not pity or judge another soul’s choice.

Many opportunities are now before those who have as yet not made their choice. There is a quickening which will accelerate from now until that time when our Brother Jesus enters into the Earth and beyond. For those who are sitting on the fence, the choices will be made clear, and choices will be made according to each and everyone’s free will. This is God’s Law.

Have no fear. There is no death, no punishment, no retribution. There is only eternal life and eternal free will choice. This time is not a time to fear, but one to celebrate and to stand in one’s power, a time when claiming the Christ Spirit within shall bring gift after gift after gift. It is truly a grand adventure and a Great Awakening. It is a time when what has been considered miracles will come to be understood simply as those unlimited gifts offered to those who are in alignment with the unconditional love and light of the Creator.

We, God’s angels, will be watching over you all, will be assisting with the transition on all levels for those who choose to take this path of the Great Awakening. There is great joy and celebration here as this time has begun and will continue to accelerate in the next few years, culminating in the birth, the claiming of the Christ Spirit within for so many – a time when love, joy, peace, and compassion will rule the Earth, reflected from those hearts who have chosen to live in the heart of God.

Be aware that these gifts are offered to all in this time of the Great Awakening.

May you choose according to your own highest and greatest good. May you live your dream. May peace prevail within your heart of hearts and upon Mother Earth. And So Be It.