Blessings, Mother. And I am so happy to join with you once again in the spirit of Love. And that is what this New Year is all about – the spirit of Love. For this is a time like no other time in the history of mankind, when great gifts are being offered. The greatest gift of all is being offered, and that is God’s gift of free will, which has always been offered.

So what is special about this New Year, this year two thousand and nine, two thousand and nine years since our Brother Jesus was born into the Earth to bring the message of love to each and every person who had eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart willing and open to become that example of love that Jesus the man came to be?

The time draws near when our Brother walks once again upon the Earth, surrounded by legions and legions of angels in the Earth. This is that time, my brothers and sisters, when you have the opportunity to walk at the side of Jesus, as His angel, as His disciple of love. For He is calling forth His armies of love.

At this time when there is so much strife upon Mother Earth, so much difficulty, so much heartache, so much war, when so many have forgotten their true natures, their true selves, which is that spark of love which is the Creator, it is the time to remember. It is the time of reawakening upon Mother Earth.

Each and every one of you reading this knows this truth: that you are love, that you are in the heart of the Creator, a spark of love and light and joy. As many spirits have been sleeping while upon their walk upon Mother Earth, it is the dawn of a new day, when many will be awakening. It is the time of awakening, awakening to our own true selves.

And so, this is the year when many will hear the trumpets calling them, calling them to awaken, calling them to take action, to change the consciousness upon the Earth, to change it into one of enlightenment. So much light has been brought into the Earth in recent times, and will continue to be brought, until more and more can sleep no longer, can no longer hide in the darkness. For the light will awaken them; it will stir the truth within their hearts – that they are here, part of the heart of the Creator, to be co-creators with Mother-Father God, to live lives of joy, of freedom, of celebration. It is a time like no other time in the history of Mother Earth.

For many, many souls have completed many cycles to come to this point in time to claim all that is theirs to claim. And so I, Teran, join with these legions of angels calling upon you to stand in your power, to know your truth, to claim your truth, to claim all that you are, all that you can be. For a spirit who knows itself to be one with the Creator knows no limits to the love, laughter, and liberty that is offered by Mother-Father God. And the commander-in-chief, our Brother Jesus, IS returning, in the flesh, in the physical, to lead this army of light, this army of love. This is our message.

Many have been challenged, many have been facing dark nights of the soul as so much of what they have depended upon in the physical world has been stripped from them – their security in those outer garments has been stripped, leaving them naked like newborn babes to look within and discover within that truth that love reigns, not the outer, not the physical, but the spirit, which is love.

And so, as newborn babes, stripped of these veils of illusion, many hearts are being opened, opened to the truth that we are one, we are love. Hey Ho See, we are one, Hey Ho Sha, we are love. This year will be a great year of coming-out parties, so to speak, for all those who have gone within and connected with the love and the light within and are ready to step into their power and step out into Mother Earth with this new-found knowledge, with these newly opened gifts in this new year.

We invite you to join us now, to begin this new year in the knowledge and the faith that it is the birth, it is the dawning of a new age – a new age of enlightenment. And if you so choose, you may live in the truth that you are love, that you are a co-creator with Mother-Father God, that you are brother, you are sister to the man called Jesus who came to claim the love of the Creator while in physical body. You are being called upon to do this now: to join with your Brother during this time of empowerment, during this time of claiming your own essence of love, your own Christ Spirit.

Let there be no question. You do not need to do or be anything different than what you are and what you are doing in this moment except to claim this truth – that you already are a son or daughter of God, created out of love, living in love, joining in the oneness with all of creation. Not only are you one with your brothers and sisters, you are one with every living thing upon the Earth – the birds, the bees, the insects, the rocks, the rivers, the oceans, the mountains. You are all alive, all imbued with the spirit of Mother-Father God, all imbued with the light which is part of every living thing upon Mother Earth and in all realms.

You have chosen this time to be here upon Mother Earth, to take part in this magnificent reawakening, this time that has been foretold. The time is NOW. It is up to you – you may step back into the shadow and hide your true light, or you may step forward in the truth of your love, in your full power as a son or a daughter of God.

We reach out our hands to help you into the light. We encourage you to claim your truth and to stand in that truth. For we are all One, and one with God. And that is our message for this New Year, 2009; and this is a year filled with excitement, with celebration, with blessings beyond belief. But believe it now. For that is all that is needed to make your dreams come true – your dream of a world filled with love, your dream of a world where brother and sister love each other and help each other no matter what their unique beliefs, where all is honored, all the different truths that make up the truth of Mother-Father God are honored, where no one and nothing is harmed. Because when that love within your heart is claimed, you cannot help but love that part of you – your brother, your sister who is also a part of God, at the heart of God.

And when one claims the love within, only kindness, love, and compassion is offered from a heart which offers itself that kindness, love, and compassion. And so, take my hand. Step out with me now into the light, for very soon we will be led once again in the physical by our Brother the Christ who has promised, “All these things and greater shall ye do.” Step into the light, step into the love, and claim this, all of this, which is yours to claim when you claim the truth that this love and this light – this heart of God – is within your own heart.

And so, in the joy and the hope and the celebration of a new year, 2009… I, Teran, and these legions of angels with whom I walk, led by our Brother, open our hearts to welcome you into this new year and into the heart of God. And so be it.