We once again return to bring you our blessings, to bring you our love, to bring you this message of the moment. And this moment is the celebration of rebirth, the Spring Equinox – the time when light and dark are equal, the time when the light grows and new life is felt upon the Earth, within our hearts. It is that time when many celebrate Easter and Jesus, the man who came to Earth to embody love, the love of Mother-Father God, the man who brought His light and His message – the message that there is no death, but life everlasting.

For energy and spirit is neither created nor destroyed. It simply transforms, takes new form – acts as a new expansion of life force, which is All That Is, Mother-Father God. And so, as you gather with family, with friends, in ceremony, or as you celebrate in solitude, we bring you the Message of Hope. This Message of Hope is one that is spreading across Mother Earth at this time. As difficulties, war, violence, all manner of challenge is accelerating, it is important to find that place of peace, that place of love, that place of hope within your own heart.

For these times, the time of the Great Awakening, will bring great change, great chaos for many, great Earth changes as Mother Earth strives to balance with those energies, those thought forms which have disrupted the balance within the hearts of man, woman, and child and have disrupted the forces of Nature. This is a balancing which must occur and which accelerates the balancing within each heart. As each heart is faced with challenges, new wisdom is what is born.

And as this is the time of rebirth, the time of the coming of the light within your hearts, the coming of the light which Father Sun brings – which is a reflection of the light within our own hearts – it is also a time of hope. Hope of a new and better world. Hope of a new and better way of living, of creating… of using the gifts that the Creator has given us of free will in a way which brings more light into Mother Earth and into all realms.

We bring blessings to you this day. We bring our love. We bring the light of Father Sun, the light of Brother Jesus to those who are open to that message, to that form of light. Whatever your beliefs, whatever you are choosing to celebrate today in whatever way, celebrate hope. Celebrate new life. Celebrate the truth that there is no death, that the spirit lives on. All of life lives on. It simply transforms, takes a new form and expands as a new creation, a creation as brought through into the Earth through God’s co-creators, you there upon Mother Earth.

Look to this day and in truth, every day, as a new opportunity to claim the love that you are. For you are a co-creator with God. You reside within the heart of God, as Mother-Father God resides within your heart. This means that your powers of co-creation are unlimited. Claim this truth. Know this truth, and use your powers of co-creation to create consciousness upon the Earth which is one of hope, joy, brother/sisterhood and peace. Know that no matter what the days and years ahead bring, what form of challenge, that there is perfect purpose to these challenges. For with each challenge, the eyes of the Spirit open to see truth, to see that we are all created in Oneness, that we are all equal, that we all hold the spark of love, the light of love which is the Creator.

So today as you celebrate, in whatever way you choose to celebrate this rebirth, the growing light of Father Sun, the growing hope of all those upon Mother Earth and in all realms, know that love shall set you free. And as all is in chaos around you, as there will be times in the days and years ahead, know that you have an anchor in the heart of God. Go within your own heart and claim this truth and find all the strength, the courage, and the steadfastness that you need within your own heart, which is in the heart of the Creator.

I, Teran, and all those spirits of love and light, the spirit of Grandmother Growth who brings new life in Mother Nature, the spirit of Father Sun – who radiates the light which is the reflection of the light within each and every heart – all the beings of light gathered here today bring you this Message of Hope, bring you this message of love in this time of rebirth, this time when the light within your own heart connects with the light within all the hearts upon Mother Earth and in all realms. The light is expanding, it is growing, it is living, it is breathing. Breathe it in now. Breathe it into your own heart, and know that this light, the light of Mother-Father God resides there as a flame of love.