Blessings. This is Teran. And I join with all those beautiful spirits of love and light to bring you this first Message of the Moment. This is November 12th, 2007. And my brothers and sisters, all of those who have been drawn to this website, I greet you with great love, great honor, and great respect for your willingness to have come into the Earth plane at this very significant, challenging, and yet blessed time in the Earth, this time of the Great Awakening.

This time is that time when each of you who has agreed and chosen to incarnate into physical body in the Earth is given the opportunity to, through your own free will, choose to walk the path of light. This path of light is the path home to God. This path of light is one which may be difficult at times, but which is so rewarding and fulfills the purpose for which you have come into the Earth at this time, during the time of the Great Awakening.

It is that time when all those who so choose may claim their gifts, their full potential as children of God, as sons and daughters of God. It matters not what your age is. If you have come to this website, you are most likely drawn to those places on the Web which will feed your soul and the longing of your soul to claim your full potential as a son or a daughter of God, to claim what some may term your Christ Spirit. And yet, as far as your spiritual or religious beliefs or practices, there are no requirements for those seeking to become one with God – no requirements other than a sincere desire to live a life guided by love. For the power of love is what this website and these works by me, Teran, and all the angels and guides gathered together here today, are all about.

You have been called, you have been guided by the spirit of love. You and we are one radiating spirit of light and love. We have all chosen to come into this Earth plane – I, Teran, in my light body and not in my physical body – guided by unconditional love. For that is what we have been created out of, in, and for. The Creator has allowed each of us, as a spark of the light and love that God-Goddess is, to journey into whatsoever realms are desired to explore our co-creativity with All That Is. We are each and every one of us given free will choice to explore our creativity, to explore every aspect of creation as a part of creation, and as a co-creator with Mother-Father God, the Creator, All That Is.

As we’ve said, there is no requirement as to your spiritual or religious beliefs. But there is one requirement, which is that you know yourself to be love, and that your free will choice is to fan the flame of love, to encourage love, to be in love, to act out of love, to hold the intent to foster, nourish, and encourage love in every person, place, thing, and event in your life and the lives of others.

That does not mean that you must have reached that place of pure unconditional love during this journey – a goal which perhaps you judge that you have not attained at this point. We are here to tell you that you are pure, unconditional love, that you are that goal which you hold out in front of self, of achieving a state of unconditional love. For that flame of unconditional love and light does reside within you now, in this moment of time, as you are listening to this message of the moment, and throughout eternity. For there is no past and no future. There is only the now.

In the Earth plane, it is easier to meet, move through, and pass onto the next experience using the concept of time, the concept of there being a past, present, and future. And yet in truth, everything exists in this moment. And in this moment, you are unconditional love. It is a matter of claiming this love. It is a matter of stepping through the veils of illusion and knowing within your own heart of hearts that you are love and that you are perfection. And knowing that you are simply here to explore different aspects of your co-creativity with Mother-Father God, the Creator, All That Is.

And so, whether you are very young in physical age or very old, you have been guided to this place, this message, this moment in time through your beautiful heart which is seeking love and seeking to know yourself as love – the love and the light that you are, always have been and always will be.

This does not mean that every choice that you make during this journey is made out of love, in love, and for love. This is the goal. This is the path, the journey home to God – to hold this as your intent. And yet, in this human form, you are here to explore. You are here to make mistakes, while in truth there are no mistakes. For every choice is a step upon the path to God, the path home to the Creator.

These books which I, Teran, and all of those beautiful souls gathered here with you have gifted to you there in the Earth plane at this monumental time in the Earth are to serve as your guide, to help you to remember that place of love and light where your spirit always resides, to help you to remember that you are that love. And when you stray off the path of light, to provide a beacon to bring you back home into your own heart, into the heart of God. For we are all one heart, the heart of God.

We hope that you have enjoyed this Message of the Moment with me, Teran, and all of your guides and angels who are with you now and forevermore, joining with you in claiming all of your gifts from the Creator, in opening your hearts fully to the love that you are, in creating heaven on Earth. For heaven is in your hearts, and if you acknowledge this truth and live this truth, you are creating heaven on Earth. And that is what this time is about – this time of the Great Awakening.

So we welcome you to join us on this beautiful journey of light, this beautiful journey back home to God. And the funny thing is that you have never left home. You are always in the love and the light of the Creator if you claim that truth and your actions, your thoughts, your deeds are guided by this truth, the truth within your own heart, the heart of God. So we thank you for joining us, and we hope that you will read and enjoy these books, Keys for Creating Your Life, for they are offered to you in only the greatest of love to assist you during this time of your journey here on Earth as explorers, as co-creators with Mother-Father God. And so we offer you these gifts from these realms to assist you on this journey. And we thank you so very much for your open and willing hearts, for knowing who you are – children of God.

We will return with another Message of the Moment. And until we do, we send you love. And may you fly on wings of gold, wings of silver, wings of light. May your spirit fly into your own heart and the heart of God. Hey Ho See, We Are One. Hey Ho Sha, We Are Love. Until we meet again… Shalom. May peace be with you now and forevermore.