Though not in physical body, Teran’s spirit is very much alive and present in the Earth plane. His main purpose is to guide and serve the Indigo Children and everyone who is drawn to his books, Keys for Creating Your Life. He is happy to join you and assist you during this magnificent time on Mother Earth.

This portrait is part of the painting created for the cover of Volume 1 by Asha, an intuitive artist. Directly guided by Teran, she has captured his delightful spirit and allows us to see him in the physical.

Teran’s mother, Sulara, channels love, guidance, and healing energy for others in her readings and through her hands with Bowen therapy. In addition to channeling Teran’s books, she is the author of several other books published under the name Robin James. In Messages from Mathias, she channels the wisdom of one of her guides, Mathias. In her autobiography The Magic of Dreams and Spirit Guides, she shares the adventures of her spiritual journey, including the story of Teran. Circle of Teran continues the adventure and tells how Scott and Sulara were guided by spirit to build a spiritual retreat center named Circle of Teran to honor Teran and his presence with them in their work. This magnificent point of light which is connected to other points of light all over the globe may be visited at Circle of Teran.

Sulara is deeply honored to be a part of Teran’s gifts to the world, and is deeply grateful to her children Jeremy, Kerry, and Jessalynn as well for sharing their love and great gifts as a part of this work. The love and gratitude she feels for her beloved husband Scott is beyond words.

Sulara is available through the Talk to Teran toll-free number for readings in person or long distance at 1-866-98TERAN.

Scott is Teran’s dad and Sulara’s best friend. He is deeply touched by his son’s desire to help other young people. Teran is ever present in his life, and his birth is one of the best, greatest, and saddest moments of his life, for which he is forever grateful.

Scott is a doctor and surgeon and works to combine his love for shamanism with the care of his patients and his surgical craft. He encourages you all to listen to Teran’s wisdom and work to live in a good way with an open and connected heart.

While enjoying the beauty and magic of Kauai with Sulara, he took the photograph on the cover of Volume 2. Scott is a visionary, teacher, and an artist. He is available for shamanic healings in person or long distance. Call him at the Talk to Teran toll-free number 1-866-98TERAN.

Jeremy is Teran's brother. He has a degree in photography from the Art Institute of Seattle and a degree in graphic design from Platt College in San Diego. He has designed this Web site with some guidance from Sulara and Teran. He has also helped to design the covers of Teran's books. Jeremy enjoys snowboarding and playing music. He is a drummer and also composed the music found on this site using his keyboard. Jeremy's spiritual path has influenced his music and art and has also led him to sobriey.
Kerry is Teran’s sister. She loves helping people, so she worked for a number of years as a paramedic and is now in school to get a Master’s Degree as a Physician’s Assistant. She loves emergency medicine, and she and her stepdad Scott enjoy talking medicine. Camping and snowboarding are Kerry’s favorite activities, and she loves her friends and family dearly. Her help during the editing process was greatly appreciated by Teran and Sulara.
Teran’s sister Jessalynn is an artist, a singer, and a massage therapist. She loves using her gifts to help people find their inner strength and light, and to help them heal themselves. In addition to earning a Visual Arts Certificate from Emerson College in England, she has taken art classes in the States and Florence, Italy. Jessalynn created the illustrations for Teran’s books by reading each one of the Principles, then opening herself to Divine Influence (as well as Teran’s influence) to allow the illustrations to come through. She feels blessed to be a part of these books, and hopes that her drawings are enjoyed by everyone who sees them.
Spunky is an invaluable member of the family. An 11-pound miniature dachshund, she has a big heart and a great big bark in a small body. Spunky is in great shape because she is a tireless hiker, accompanying Sulara every day. Her favorite pastime is chasing squirrels. Spunky blesses the whole family with unconditional love. Spunky rocks!