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Teran is a brilliant spirit of light and love who is not in physical body. He landed briefly in the Earth, the son of Scott and Sulara, on June 12, 1994. He opened his eyes, looking at Scott with infinite love, then closed them and departed. He never took a breath. Teran did, however, stay in the Earth plane in spirit form to fulfill a mission based in love and service to God and his brothers and sisters on Mother Earth.

He is with Scott and Sulara in all of their work, and assisted in guiding them to build a spiritual retreat center near Ashland, Oregon. Groups gather here to connect with the Divine through the spirit of the sacred land and temple, blessing themselves and the world with that Love within. Circle of Teran is filled with his presence and unconditional love.

Teran’s main purpose, his greatest desire and intent, is to serve the Indigo Children - all the children of the light who have come to the Earth at this magnificent time to help everyone realize their full potential as children of God. Through his messages channeled by Sulara, he is serving as the doorway between the Earth plane and the legions of angels gathered at the side of God who are sharing their loving wisdom and guidance in preparation for the Great Awakening. This Great Awakening is that time when all on Mother Earth are given the opportunity to claim and accept their co-creativity with God and the Christ Spirit within.

Honored and grateful to be walking this path of light with you, Teran welcomes you and thanks you for joining in this blessed adventure. In addition to the information presented through Keys for Creating Your Life, Teran joyfully intends, through this website Talk to Teran, to continue to be of service to all of you who have dedicated your lives to creating a new and better world based on the power of love.