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More books written by Sulara under the name Robin James:

"My mother in the Earth knew what was to be my destiny. She knew it, felt it strongly. And when I did not remain in the physical body in the Earth, it was a great shock for her because she had been so sure of my purpose on Earth. And now it has become clear that yes, my purpose on Earth has been, is, and shall be to help lead the way from the darkness into the light. I have just chosen to do it while in my light body – much less of a distraction, shall we say. I am in the Earth, but not of it, which allows me the facility of flying whenever, wherever, however I choose as a speck of light in this great, wondrous universe of light. You there in physical body have much more to deal with and are encumbered in ways that I am not, and yet, there are – of course – distinct advantages to having your physical bodies to carry your spirits all over the globe touching, feeling, smelling, experiencing the fullness of the Earth experience. I can touch many in their hearts, in their minds. I can even make them aware through their physical bodies of my presence and my touch, and yet you are much more effective than I in this way. And so, I have chosen this as my gift – to act as a guide between these realms and the Earth. I am but one of many, as you well know."

-from Keys for Creating Your Life

Paperback-104 pgs./$13
"Children - I call you children, and yet, you are not children in spirit. You are evolved souls who have journeyed far and wide to come to this point in the Earth. You have given of yourselves; your souls have agreed to enter into the Earth at this very important, very momentous time to move the energies of the Earth and of her inhabitants into alignment with the truth, with the love within, and with God, Mother-Father God, All That Is.

"Your job is to be able to hold the light, to hold the vibration with which you have entered in spite of the interference, the energies which are in opposition to this alignment. And so I, Teran, your brother, who is not in physical form but in spirit, and yet present in the Earth plane for these works - specifically for you - I, Teran, am an ambassador of peace and goodwill, an ambassador of love and the light, the only true light, the light of God."

-from Keys for Creating Your Life

Paperback-103 pgs./$13
"The Indigo Children are the Freedom Tribe. And as you gather more and more into the heart of your tribe, freedom will sing. And many will claim the freedom which is their inalienable right and gift from God.... Choose love. Choose freedom and lead the Freedom Tribe home to the heart of God...."

-from Keys for Creating Your Life, Volume Two

“These keys for creating a joyful life are invaluable not only for those young people who are here specifically to help raise the consciousness of the Earth with their special gifts, but for everyone who wants to claim their full potential as a child of God. I highly recommend this book.”

-James Twyman, author of Emissary of Love and How to Raise Psychic Children

“In a time when there is such hopelessness and despair about the future, Teran’s books for the Indigo offer great hope and inspiration. The books teach how each of us has come in with a gift to offer and also offers tools for us to thrive in the coming times.”

-Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth

Paperback-115 pgs./$13
“The more joy that you can allow yourself to experience, the closer you move to oneness with God. It is the most direct path, with the least resistance, back home to the heart of the Creator.”

“Give thanks, no matter how difficult the challenge that’s been presented. Give thanks that you have the strength, the clarity, and the love to meet any situation, choose for your own highest and greatest good, and move beyond it.”

“You can help in the highest and greatest way from a place of peace and balance. There is so much work to be done. Remember, one step at a time. Remember, great works can be done with a simple word, a simple smile.”

– from Keys for Creating Your Life, Volume Three

Paperback-101 pgs./$13
Many thanks, from my heart to yours, to all of you who have read the previous volumes of Keys for Creating Your Life by my son Teran. As I invite you to read this final volume, I thank you for opening your heart and allowing this work to touch you.

Together, we can change the world through the power of Love.


Paperback-77 pgs./$9.95
A collection of channeled writings from a spirit guide named Mathias. This mini-Course in Miracles speaks to the heart, encouraging us to embrace the transformative power of love as both the individual and society are shifted to a new level of consciousness.

"We must accept our power as co-creators with God. For in truth, we have created this world, and we have the power to uncreate... the fear, the pain, the suffering... Now is the time to join together to create the new world for which we long - one where peace, truth, commitment, and Love abound..."

-from Messages from Mathias


Paperback-203 pgs./$15.00
In her autobiography, Robin ventures into the world of spirit as she is guided by her dreams and spirit guides. Opening and surrendering to divine guidance, Robin's own intuitive gifts awaken to lead her into magical adventures and deeper understanding of the joys, sorrows, and challenges of her life.

Robin says, "This time on Mother Earth is a very special, very exciting time. We have all chosen to be here. It is easy to forget this in the day-to-day challenges. Most of us have forgotten the magic and the true purpose of our walk here on Mother Earth. Somehow between the ups and downs of life on this Earth at this time, I have been given the gift of glimpsing this magic. It is a gift that is meant to be shared--like all of life's gifts. So come with me now as I walk my walk and talk my talk, and we will remember the magic."

Paperback-374 pgs./$16.95
Circle of Teran, the sequel to Robin's spiritual autobiography The Magic of Dreams and Spirit Guides, tells the amazing story of how Robin and her husband Scott are led to sacred land for very sacred purpose. Join them on their journey as they are guided by a vision received by Scott of a temple of light which connects to points of light all over the globe. Built in honor of their son Teran, who landed just briefly in the Earth, Circle of Teran is created as a physical manifestation of the sacred beauty of Spirit.

"Robin's autobiography is full of heart, love, and truth."

-Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within