Christmas Message 2009

Blessings. We have heard your call, and there are many here who are honored to come forth at this time with a message for all at this time of the celebration of Christmas.

While it is a time to celebrate the birth of the entry of the man called Jesus, who chose to enter as the manifestation of love in physical form, this Christmas is especially a time of celebration. For more and more of God’s children are choosing to claim their Christ Spirits. So as you gather in love with family and friends, remember as well, dear friends, to celebrate your own awakening, your own birth into your true self – the self that is that light, that Spirit of God, of which we are all a part.

So many lifetimes, for most of you, have been spent in exploring your creativity, your free will choice as children of God. For you are co-creators with God, having been given this magnificent gift of free will choice by the Creator to explore whatever it is that you would like to explore and create. Many get lost during this creative process, lost in the illusion of the Earth. But in truth, no one is ever truly lost. You have simply forgotten your own divine natures.

You are always in the heart of the Creator, connected by a divine cord of light that cannot be broken, no matter how far one strays from the truth within his or her own heart. And that truth is that you are love, you are light; and you are held back only by the fact that you have forgotten this truth.

So many believe that the man Jesus was unique, only able to live a life of unconditional love because of some special quality or gift given to him by the Creator. The truth is that each of you has been given this gift. It is a gift that only has to be claimed to be realized and lived.

You are perfect exactly as you are. You do not need to work, to study, to live a life of contemplation, to live lifetime after lifetime of service to claim this gift that is your birthright as a child of God. You have only to go within your own heart and see and feel and acknowledge your Oneness with God and all of creation. You are perfect just as you are in your human imperfection. You are here in human form to discover this truth. In the process of your exploration as a co-creator with God, you have forgotten your perfection and your true nature as a child of God.

You are a beautiful facet of the jewel that is Love. You are unique, you are perfect, you are an important part of the whole jewel. So as you come together to celebrate the birth of the Christ Spirit embodied in the man called Jesus, or as you gather with those you love to simply celebrate the spirit of love, remember to celebrate yourself, to celebrate the light within your self, which shines brighter and brighter as you claim the love, the joy, the peace that you are.

So many are looking outside of themselves for these things. That which you seek is within and always has been and always shall be. You are the light that you search for in the darkness. You are the joy you wish for in your times of sorrow. You are the peace you want to create in the world. You hold the seeds of all that you want to grow in the world without. So many wonder, “What can I do to help heal the world, to create peace on Earth?” The answer, all the answers lie within.

Go within and connect with the love which lives within your own heart. All that is needed to know that love, to feel that love, to cultivate that love, to live that love and reflect that love out into the world is to go within and get to know it. Go within to claim it.

Spend time every day going into your heart of hearts, connecting with what is already yours as a child of God. Ask to see the truth, know the truth that we each have a gift within that only needs to be opened to be claimed.

“All these things and greater shall ye do”… this was and is His promise to you. This is your right as a child, as a co-creator with God. Go forth into the light, on your path of love, knowing and living this truth. This holiday season, celebrate the birth of the Christ if that is your joy. Celebrate the spirit of Love, celebrate life, celebrate Oneness if that is your joy. But claim the gift that is yours and has always been yours. Claim the love that you are. Celebrate your own birth as a child of God, perfect in every way, a facet of the jewel of love and light and joy that you are.

You are the Christ Spirit; you are the spirit of Love. You are everything you are looking for. You are everything you need to live a life of love, laughter, liberty, and peace and reflect that out into the world.

May this holiday season and this New Year be the birth of this realization within you. May you live in peace now and forevermore.

Hey Ho See, We are One

Hey Ho Sha, We are Love.

And So Be It.